The Importance of Pure Water Before, During and After Pregnancy

December 10, 2018

Prenatal and postnatal infants have very weak immune systems. When coupled with the fact that they require even more water in relation to their body weight than adults in order to survive, the purity and safety of the water they ingest are extremely important.

• Typical chlorine or UV-light disinfection methods used by municipalities and bottlers are ineffective at eliminating the toughest bacteria and pathogens from tap and bottled water.

• Bottled water, although an essential disinfection method for preparing baby formula, can concentrate some harmful chemicals like nitrates or lead.

• Bottled and tap water often contain carcinogenic disinfection by-products like bromate or tri-halomethanes (THMs), which are created when impure water is treated with ozone or chlorine,

• THMs are also associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes including miscarriages, birth defects and low birth weights.

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