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How does World of Water produce their Dewdrop™ brand water?

Our Dewdrop™ brand water is known as “the purest water possible” as it is 99.9% pure water. The production of Dewdrop™ begins with potable, municipal water that is run through a pre-treatment carbon filtration system to ‘clean up’ the water and remove chlorine and any taste, odor or color that is in the water. Next the water is softened to remove any hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Following this the water is distilled. The distillation process begins by boiling the water and the steam that rises is collected and then condensed into water. All impurities that were contained in the water are left behind as they cannot be transported with vapor so the water that is condensed is pure water. This pure water is run through a post-treatment carbon filter that ‘polishes’ the water to give it a crisp, fresh taste and it is then stored in tanks. In the tanks the water is circulated and ozone is added to the water to ensure its high level of purity. The “purest water possible” is then bottled and is ready for customers to enjoy.

Is drinking water a good way to get the minerals that my body needs?

While drinking pure water is beneficial for the body in many ways, water is not a good source for the minerals that our bodies require. There are two forms of minerals: organic and inorganic Organic minerals refer to the living matter found in the vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, meats, and nuts, which form our daily diet. These are easily assimilated by our cells and are essential for good health. Inorganic minerals on the other hand refer to non-living matter such as non-vegetable or non-animal matter, including: carbonate and lime compounds, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Due to the non-living nature of these components, our bodies cannot make use of these impurities and our cells reject them. The result of ingesting these minerals is an accumulation of debris in our bodies. The vast majority of minerals found in water are inorganic and the body cannot make use of them. The minerals from water that our bodies can use are in such trace amounts that you would have to drink over 50 gallons of water a day for it to be of any significance. The body continually assimilates the much-needed minerals that we need from the foods we eat. Therefore, the only way to get the required amount of vitamins and minerals is from a balanced diet or from taking dietary supplements.

Does distilled water rob the body of essential minerals?

No, this is physiologically impossible. Some have been led to believe that because distilled water is so pure, it will leach healthy minerals and trace elements from the body. In our bodies distilled water cleans out impurities and helps replenish essential nutrients by transporting them at the cellular level. Our cells use the organic minerals for body growth and maintenance, and impurities that the body cannot use are flushed out. Distilled water flushes out the inorganic minerals and pollutants that would otherwise be retained in the body and accumulate in vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and fatty tissue. Drinking impure water gradually increases these minerals and pollutants and continuous or prolonged exposure to this debris may cause carcinogens to form within tissues. The result can lead to cancer that may only manifest itself months, years, even decades after such contacts have ceased, and often the causative agents have totally disappeared from the tissues.

Why should I purchase a water cooler from World of Water?

It seems that everyone is selling water coolers these days and it can be difficult for consumers to choose which model they should buy and who they should buy from. At World of Water we carry quality water coolers, many of which are Canadian Made, with comprehensive warranties that provide our customers with excellent value. Many of our coolers are Energy Star rated and all of them are cooled using compressors that are much more effective and economical than coolers that use fans to cool the water. We have options for every preference from stainless steel and plastic reservoirs, to a full range of options, colors, and styles in a wide variety of cooler models. We clean and sanitize every cooler when it is sold so that it is ready for use when it is plugged in, and our after service program is second to none. Unlike most big box retailers, our service and repairs are done locally and most maintenance can be done right at your eighborhood World of Water store. We strive to create customers for life and for that reason we only carry coolers that live up to our customer’s expectations. So, if you’re looking for a water cooler, come to World of Water and we’ll make sure you find the cooler that’s right for you.

How often should I have my cooler cleaned and sanitized?

Bacteria and germs have plenty of opportunity to grow on the outside, and on the inside of your water cooler. Airborne bacteria as well as germs that are transferred from hands and reused cups come into contact with your cooler and contribute to an unsanitary dispenser. For this reason we recommend to sanitize your cooler at least once a year with World of Water’s 25 point sanitizing service. In fact, depending on where your cooler is located it may need to be sanitized as often as every two months. At World of Water we thoroughly clean and sanitize your entire cooler by removing all parts for cleaning and we ensure that all parts are sanitized and reassembled before the cooler is returned to you. Whether in an office or at home, an unsanitary water cooler can alter the taste of the dispensed water or even worse, cause sickness. So keep your water cooler clean by calling World of Water to arrange a sanitizing. We’ll pick up your cooler and even provide a replacement cooler while yours is being cleaned. We’ll ensure your cooler is a pristine, clean, water machine.




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