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Why Choose Dewdrop Water?

Trust World of Water – the “pure water specialists” to provide you and your family with Dewdrop® Distilled Water…the purest water and ice possible.

Dewdrop Water is produced locally!

Dewdrop® is produced on-site at all of our World of Water locations so that customers are able to witness our purification process firsthand. In addition to distillation, our treatment process includes pre and post filtration and ozone disinfection which results in water that is 99.9% pure and free of contaminants and impurities.

Promising the purest water & ice possible.

Why does World of Water purify our water through distillation? Simply, because distillation is the most effective water treatment method and produces the purest form of water – with no contaminants like disolved minerals and fluoride.

Superior way to treat water and remove impurities.

Not only is distillation a superior way to treat water and remove impurities, it is also the most consistent means of purification. Reverse osmosis and other forms of filtration do not yield water as pure as the distillation process, and over time filters become less effective as they reach their maximum removal capacity.

Regularly tested to ensure quality of purity.

Dewdrop® is regularly tested for quality by independent laboratories, and daily on-site testing is carried out at all of our production facilities to ensure that our water adheres to strict quality standards. We guarantee that every bottle of Dewdrop® distilled water is the purest water you’ll ever drink.

Crystal clear ice cubes with no aftertaste.

We use our 99.9% pure, Dewdrop® distilled water to make our Dewdrop® Ice, The Purest Ice Possible. DewDrop® Ice is sold in large 8 lbs. bags that are designed with an easy, tear-away opening and a resealable closure to prevent ice from spilling out or becoming contaminated.

Let us do all the heavy lifting!

At World of Water you will never have to wait for delivery, we offer same-day or next-day guaranteed delivery service.
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