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Producing the Purest Water Possible since 1976.

In 1976 Gladys Reid had a small residential water distiller and produced pure distilled water in her garage in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After sampling her water many of her friends offered to pay for the product if she would continue to supply it to them.

Gradually, her customer list increased to the point that she was not able to keep up with the demand. She set up a second distillation system in another location to help supply her customers.

The demand for her distilled water continued to increase and she set up a third production plant. This was the birth of World of Water. Many years later, through many industry changes and increasing consumer demand, World of Water evolved into a company with a strong presence in Canada, supplying Dewdrop® Distilled water to business and residential consumers. World of Water International Ltd. has been in business since 1976. During that time we have solidified our reputation as “Pure Water Specialists”.

We are known for providing top quality products, competitive prices, and superior knowledge and service. World of Water is the leading bottled water company in Manitoba.

At the end of 2013 there were 13 franchise stores operating in designated areas throughout the province of Manitoba.

There are 10 locations in Winnipeg, one in Brandon, one in Portage La Prairie and one in Selkirk. Located in prime residential areas, all World of Water stores produce Dewdrop® brand distilled water on site.

Customers can choose to have Dewdrop® delivered to their home or business, or they can visit any World of Water location to exchange or refill their bottles. In addition to Dewdrop® distilled water, all World of Water stores offer an extensive range of products, including our exclusive Tear Drop® line of water treatment products, to help people address a wide variety of water concerns.

At World of Water, we are proud of our past accomplishments, and with strong customer service and exceptional value as our focus, we look forward to a prosperous future.


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