The Perfect Cup of Coffee, starts with the Purest Water Possible!

September 20, 2017

For over 40 years, World of Water has been supplying their customers with the DewDrop™ Distilled water – the “purest water possible”! Along with our distilled water, we offer a wide-range of unique and innovated products such as (Canadian-made) water Coolers, water filtration units, travel water pumps, pet dishes and many more. World of Water is now very excited to announce that we have added ‘single-cup’ coffee to our product line for customers to enjoy.

We offer a wide variety of single-cup coffee brands to choose from, such as “The Donut Shop”, “Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen”, “TLC® Cake Boss” and “Guy Fieri (Host of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”), just to name a few. A feature that World of Water offers with the single-cup coffee is to allow our customers to purchase coffee in a variety of packaging options. Customers purchasing coffee at World of Water will have the option to buy a box of 24 single-cup coffee at a completive price. A unique feature that World of Water provides, is allowing our customers to pick and choose from all brands of coffee to create their own custom 12-pack.

“We feel confident our customers will enjoy the variety of brands and flavors we have selected, but it’s our mix-n-match selection that will provide our customers with a vastly different coffee buying experience”, says Sammy Mittelstadt, President of World of Water International.
“We want them to be able to try a bunch of different flavors before they commit to a full box. With the holidays coming up, the variety 12 packs will also be great for holidays parties or even as a stocking stuffer”, adds Mr. Mittelstadt.

The option to purchase individual single-cups is available as well, for any customers looking to try just one or two different flavors. World of Water will continue to add more unique flavors and brands to our Single-cup coffee line.

World of Water has sample stations set-up at each one of their 13 locations throughout Manitoba, and invite each one of their customers to stop by and taste the difference of using DewDrop Distilled water when making their coffee. For almost four decades World of Water has been providing the “purest water and ice” possible and now cannot wait give our customers the “Purest Coffee Possible”.