NEW Canada Food Guide promotes more Water

January 23, 2019

World of Water has been promoting it for 43 years, and now our message is front and center after the release of the 2019 Canada Food Guide.

The new Canada Food Guide recommends making water your beverage of choice, and we couldn’t agree more!
“Water supports health and prevents dehydration without adding more calories to the diet” – said Dr. Hassan Hutchinson (director general of the Office of Nutrition Policy).

The most important factor when determining the effectiveness of water used in bodily functions is the purity of the water. Less pure water cannot be used by the body as effectively as Distilled water because it contains solids, inorganic minerals, bacteria, toxins, and debris that reduce the water’s ability to perform at a peak level.
The purer the water, the more our bodies benefit. Since distilled water is the purest form of water available, it is the obvious choice to achieve and maintain a healthy body

DewDrop™ Distilled water has been produced exclusively by World of Water since 1976, and we are hopeful that all Canadians will start to feel the benefits of drinking water on a daily basis.

To learn more about the newly released Canada Food Guide, please click the Link below:

2019 Canada Food Guide