Let us take care of the heavy lifting, have DewDrop delivered.

May 23, 2018

Simple fact, water is heavy!!! We all know the importance of drinking quality water each and every day, but hauling around large 5 gallon bottles of water is not easy.

We’ve all seen or experienced that visit to your local grocery store for a water refill. You have to bring in your empty bottles, locate the fill-station at the store, fill the bottles yourself, lift the heavy bottles into the cart, wheel it up to the register, pay and then bring the water to back your vehicle – not the easiest process.
Plus, when is the last time the refill station at your local grocery store was sanitized or had the filters changed?!?

World of Water wants to make it simple, which is why we offer same-day or next-day guaranteed Home and Office delivery. World of Water has been producing quality DewDrop Distilled water for over 40 years, contact your nearest World of Water location and start having DewDrop water delivered right to your front door.