When was the last time your water cooler has been sanitized?

September 25, 2017

Whether in an office or at home, an unsanitary water cooler can alter the taste of the dispensed water or even worse, cause sickness.
Cleaning and sterilizing of the reservoir and dispensing taps is recommended at least once per year and more for high traffic areas that are less than sanitary. Dirt, coffee and pollution get trapped in your cooler and contribute to unsanitary conditions and bacteria growth.

At World of Water, our service technicians completely disassemble the cooler, removing all working parts, inside and out. The cooler and parts are then cleaned and sterilized, ensuring proper working order and 100% cleanliness.

Our 25-point analysis includes
• Examining the entire system.
• Checking all electrical cords for cracks.
• Removing, washing, and rinsing the water safe top
• Baffle removal and sterilization.
• Digitally verify accuracy of cooling system.
• Adjusting the thermostat if required.
• Washing and sanitizing the entire cooler.
• Emptying the reservoir
• Removing, washing and rinsing the drip tray.
• Removing the taps and checking for algae and mildew.
• Detaching and cleaning the cooling fins.
• Removing the internal components from cabinet
• Dusting and washing the compressor, hoses and inside of the cabinet
• Re-attaching the cooling fins to the back of the cooler.
• Disassembling taps and soaking in sterilizing solution.
• Reassembling taps.
• Filling reservoir with sanitizing solution. Flushing sanitization solution through the taps.
• Filling reservoir with distilled water. Flushing distilled water through the taps.
• Filling reservoir a second time with distilled water. Flushing distilled water through taps.
• Replacing retaining ring.
• Replacing the drip tray
• Tightening all screws and cables
• Testing unit for proper operation.
• Covering water safe top and taps with plastic wrap
• Document date of cleaning

For only $39.95 you can book your cooler sanitization today by simply emailing or by contacting your nearest World of Water locations.