Why you should drink DewDrop Distilled Water

September 12, 2017

Water is essential for life. It makes up nearly 70% of our body weight and is a vital component needed for the proper operation of many bodily functions.

• Prevents dehydration
• Regulates body temperature
• Helps maintain proper muscle tone
• Serves as a solvent for minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and other small molecules, aiding their assimilation into the body.
• Carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body.
• Lubricates the areas around joints (especially important for athletes, people with arthritis, and those with chronic musculoskeletal problems)
• Aids in digestion of food
• Is necessary for chemical reactions in the body.
• Acts as a shock absorber inside the eyes and spinal cord
• Removes the waste products of our metabolic processes.
• Minimizes urinary tract infections.
• Prevents constipation
• Keeps skin healthy
• Naturally suppresses overeating

It is evident that we require sufficient amounts of water to maintain the health and vitality of our bodies. However, in order to derive the greatest benefits from the water we consume, it is important that we drink “the purest water possible.” Distilled water is the purest form of water available.

Distillation is the process of heating water to the boiling point so that the water becomes steam and rises to separate itself from debris and other impurities. The steam is then condensed back into liquid form, while impurities are flushed away.

Distilled water contains no solids, minerals, or trace elements, has no taste, no bacteria or other contaminants. It is a gold standard for drinking due to its high level of purity, and for that reason it has also been a water purity benchmark in analytical labs, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and a host of other industries.

As pure distilled water enters the body it is immediately put to use re-hydrating cells, regulating body temperature, dissolving mineral deposits, transporting oxygen and nutrients, removing wastes and performing countless other tasks to maintain a healthy body.

The most important factor when determining the effectiveness of water used in bodily functions is the purity of the water. Less pure water cannot be used by the body as effectively as distilled water because it contains solids, inorganic minerals, bacteria, toxins, and debris that reduce the water’s ability to perform at a peak level.
The more pure the water, the more our bodies benefit. Since distilled water is the purest form of water available, it is the obvious choice to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

DewDrop™ Distilled water has been produced exclusively by World of Water since 1976. At that time our priority was to produce the most consistent, high quality water possible and to this day that objective has not changed. DewDrop™ Distilled water is a result of our research, development and the commitment to healthy lifestyles and it will continue to be the foundation of World of Water for decades to come.

DewDrop™ Distilled is “the purest water possible.” Our proven system of pre-conditioning , pre-and-post carbon filtration, distillation and sterilization, combined with our modern bottling equipment and production facilities, is designed to consistently deliver the most important element in the human body- Pure Water.

DewDrop™ Distilled water is regularly tested for quality by independent laboratories, and on-site testing is carried out at all of our production facilities to ensure our water adheres to strict quality standards. We guarantee that every bottle of DewDrop™ Distilled water is the purest water you’ll ever drink.

Trust World of Water-Pure Water Specialists to provide you and your family with DewDrop™ Distilled water…the purest water possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): DewDrop™ Distilled Water:

What about minerals?
There are two forms of minerals; organic and inorganic.
Organic minerals refer to the living matter found in the vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, meats, and nuts which form our daily diet. These are easily assimilated by our cells and are essential for good health. Inorganic minerals on the other hand refer to non-living matter such as non-vegetable or non-animal matter, including; carbonate and lime compounds, calcium, iron and magnesium. Due to the non-living nature of these components, our bodies cannot make use of these impurities and our cells reject them. The result of ingesting these minerals is an accumulation of debris in our bodies. The vast majority of minerals found in water are inorganic and the body cannot make use of them. The minerals from water that our bodies can use are in such trace amounts that you would have to drink over 50 gallons of water a day for it to be of any significance. The body continually assimilates the much-needed minerals that we need from the foods we eat. Therefore, the only way to get the required amount of vitamins and minerals is from a balanced diet, or from taking dietary supplements.

Does Distilled water rob the body of essential minerals?
No, this is physiologically impossible. Some have been led to believe that because distilled water is so pure, it will leach healthy minerals and trace elements from the body. In our bodies distilled water cleans out impurities and helps replenish essential nutrients by transporting them at the cellular level. Our cells use the organic minerals for body growth and maintenance, and impurities that the body cannot use are flushed out. Distilled water flushes out the inorganic minerals and pollutants that would otherwise be retained in the body and accumulate in vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and fatty tissue. Drinking impure water gradually increases these minerals and pollutants and continuous or prolonged exposure to this debris may cause carcinogens to form within tissues. The result can lead to cancer that may only manifest itself months, year’s even decades after such contacts have ceased, and often the causative agents have totally disappeared from the tissues.