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TD1000 Countertop System


Drinking water point of use system designed for entry-level improvement of water, usually municipal or pretreated water.

• Single housing system utilizing one filter
• Requires 9 ¾” replacement filters
• 3/8” flexible hose attaches directly to the faucet using the built in faucet adapter.
• Pull the pin to direct the water flow through the filter used within the unit and out of the faucet.
• Flow rate of < 2 gpm

Use of various filters will determine the effectiveness of the system. This chart outlines what the removal capabilities of this system are in conjunction with the filter.

ORANGE 5 micron Sediment Sediment
PURPLE 10 micron Sediment, Reusable Sediment
BLUE Activated Carbon Paper Sediment, Chlorine, Taste, Odor, color
GREEN Granular Activated Carbon Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Color
YELLOW 0.5 micron Nominal Carbon Block Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Color, Cysts
RED 0.5 micron Nominal C.B with media C, T, O, C, Cysts and Lead
ABSOLUTE 1 MICRON 1 micron Absolute Sediment and Cysts > 1 micron

1. Filters cannot remove Iron, Hardness or Dissolved Solids.
2. Filters must be protected from freezing, which can cause cracking of the filter and water leakage.
3. It is almost impossible to predict when to replace filters. Factors such as, consumption volume and water quality dictate when a filter will clog. Filters should be replaced at least every 12 months to guard against bacterial growth.
4. Depending on the source water, it is recommended that this method is used for superior filter efficiency and performance:
Sediment be removed first
Chlorine, Taste, Odor and Color be removed second
Cysts and Lead be removed third.
Viruses and Bacteria are removed last.