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Quantum 1000 Water Filtration


The Engineering of Premium Quality Water
A Quantum system is quite simply the best in water filtration design and function. You appreciate the quality that comes with commercial grade equipment, so when it comes to your water, why settle for anything less? Quantum systems are made for those who appreciate commercial quality as much as good health. Our signature metal exterior is both durable and attractive and sealed inside is an exclusive Precoat technology delivering the kind of NSF-certified performance professionals expect.

Commercial Grade Quality
When using this product, you join the company of world leaders like McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, A&W, Second Cup Coffee, and Cineplex Odeon, to name a few. Our metal canister delivers commercial grade durability and quality and protects the filter system from splitting or bursting. It’s lined with a food-grade polymer that prevents the water from coming in contact with the metal. Quantum filters rid your water of chlorine, rust, asbestos fibers, and other contaminants while retaining essential minerals found naturally in water. So your water is as healthy as it tastes. Its water filtration you can trust – the kind that will never go out of style.

NSF Certification
The Quantum 1000 Drinking Water System provides absolute ½ micron filtration (1/50,000th of an inch) removing 99.9% of Chlorine, tastes and odors, particles of dirt, lead, asbestos, turbidity and harmful cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia. The NSF Seal is your guarantee of Quality. NSF International is the leading independent testing and validation organization which sets standards for drinking water systems. NSF has given the Quantum 1000 its highest rating.

Standard No. 42: Aesthetic Effects/Chemical Unit, Taste, Odor & Chlorine Reduction: Class 1
Standard No. 42: Mechanical Filtration Unit, Particulate Reduction, Class 1, 99.9% at 1/2 micron

Standard No. 53: Health Effects/Turbidity Reduction/Cyst Reduction/Asbestos Reduction/Lead Reduction

Temperature: Cold water supply only, max. 100 deg. F (38 deg. C)
Pressure: 10 to 125 psi (0.7 to 8.6 bar), non shock
Flow rate: Controlled to 0.5 gpm/ 1.9 L/min. (for lead reduction)
Capacity: 750 US gallons
Dimensions: 5″W x 5″D x 15″H (13 x 13 x 38 cm)