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Congratulations on your purchase of the Automatic Electric Drain Kit.  This Drain Kit is designed to drain the distiller’s boiling tank of impurities.

Every time you distil water, when your storage tank is full, the distiller will shut off and drain the boiling tank of all impure water.  The boiler will remain empty until the distiller restarts and then the drain valve will close and let your distiller refill with fresh water and begin the distillation cycle again.


1.  Turn off and unplug the distiller, drain the boiling tank.  To install the Automatic Electric Drain Kit, remove the gear clamp and the drain hose.  Disconnect the cable from the storage tank to the distiller head.  Remove the distiller head from the storage tank and turn your distiller head upside down.  Remove the hose barb connector on the end of the drain line.

2.  Use teflon tape and re-tape all male threads.  Install the motorized ball valve assembly with all included fittings as shown in Figure 1 and tighten using a backup wrench to ensure the tank fitting does not bend.

3.   Re-install the distiller head onto the storage tank and attach the drain line on the barbed fitting, secured with the gear clamp and run the drain line to drain.  With this drain kit you will always leave the manual ball valve open.  When you shut down your water distiller, you will close the ball valve so that when you clean your distiller the cleaning solution will not drain out.

4.  Plug the power cord from the motorized drain valve into the drain accessory receptacle on the bottom rear of the distiller.

Parts Enclosed: 

1 #080109 Roll Teflon Tape
1 #097011 Instruction Sheet
2 #030031 Reducer,1” MPTx ¾FPT
#030017  ¾” Close Nipple


1 #500448 Motor. Ball Valve, 115V


1 #500452 Motor. Ball Valve, 230V