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BME4040SXL MEMBRANE, 2400GPD, 4040 (REPLACEMENT FOR RLS2400, RLS4800, RLS7200 & RLS9600)


Product Description:

2400 GPD Blackmax Extra Low Pressure 100 PSI Reverse Osmosis Commercial Membranes
Standard pressure (225psi) TFC membrane elements.
Part # BME4040SXL, 4″ diameter by X 40″ in length


• TYPE: Spiral wound TFC RO membranes, Tape Wrapped, Fiberglass wrapped.
• FEED WATER PRESSURE: TW=300 psi max. FRP=600 psi max
• FEED WATER TEMP: 45º C (113º F) maximum
• FEED FLOW RATE: 4” elements: 17.0 gpm maximum
• COLOUR: TW=Black FRP=Opaque

*Production rate @ feed water of 1500mg/l NaCl, 25ºC, system pressure @ 100 psi, 15 % recovery, pH 7.5. Permeate flow may vary +/- 15%.