Single Cup Coffee

The perfect cup of coffee starts with the Purest Water Possible.

Water has a big impact on Coffee

A cup of coffee is made up of 98.75% water and the remaining 1.25% is coffee, this means the type of water used will have a big impact on the quality of your ‘cup of joe’. Next time you fill up your coffee maker, use DewDrop Distilled water and you’ll see that the perfect cup of coffee really does start with the Purest Water Possible.

World of Water has been producing our DewDrop Distilled water since 1976 but did you know that we also sell single-cup coffee?

At World of Water we provide a unique aspect to our single-cup coffee not found at box-stores, by allowing our customers to Mix-n-Match and create their own customized case of single -cup coffee.

This allows our customers to have the opportunity to try different brands and flavors of coffee before committing to an entire box.

World of Water stocks a number of different brands of coffee for you to try including Donut Shop, Barnie’s Coffee, TLC™ Cake Boss and Guy Fieri. World of Water’s single-cup coffee is perfect for the home or office and is available for pick-up at each one of our convenient World of Water locations.


Questions regarding our single-cup coffee?

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