Is your water cooler in need of Sanitizing?

It is necessary to sanitize your cooler every 6-12 months (depending on use), so when is the last time your water cooler was sanitized? Allow us to provide you with cooler sanitization 

Our 25 Point Analysis Includes

Bacteria and germs have plenty of opportunity to grow on things like O-rings, gaskets and seals which are within the cooler system. As well, taps and drip-trays can become germ carriers from unwashed hands, airborne bacteria and refilled cups.
  • Examining the entire system.
  • Checking all electrical cords for cracks.
  • Removing, washing, and rinsing the water safe top
  • Baffle removal and sterilization.
  • Digitally verify accuracy of cooling system.
  • Adjusting the thermostat if required.
  • Washing and sanitizing the entire cooler.
  • Emptying the reservoir
  • Removing, washing and rinsing the drip tray.
  • Removing the taps and checking for algae and mildew.
  • Detaching and cleaning the cooling fins.
  • Removing the internal components from cabinet
  • Dusting and washing the compressor, hoses and inside of the cabinet
  • Re-attaching the cooling fins to the back of the cooler.
  • Disassembling taps and soaking in sterilizing solution.
  • Reassembling taps.
  • Filling reservoir with sanitizing solution. Flushing sanitization solution through the taps.
  • Filling reservoir with distilled water. Flushing distilled water through the taps.
  • Filling reservoir a second time with distilled water. Flushing distilled water through taps.
  • Replacing retaining ring.
  • Replacing the drip tray
  • Tightening all screws and cables
  • Testing unit for proper operation.
  • Covering water safe top and taps with plastic wrap
  • Document date of cleaning

Not able to bring in your water cooler, but still want to have it sanitized?

Fill-out the contact form below and one of our “Pure Water Specialists” will contact you to arrange sanitation.

Please note that the discount is only valid when customers bring water cooler directly to participating World of Water locations. For Cooler Sanitization Services requiring water cooler to be picked-up from customer’s location, full cost of sanitization service would apply along with all applicable taxes and associated delivery fees.