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05-Feb-2014WRHA confirms water safe

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The Move N Groove-a-Thon 2014

10 - Apr2014

World of Water is proud to be the official water supplier of the 2014 Move ‘N Groove-a-thon. This truly unique event will be held at Exhibition Place at the Red River Exhibition Park on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 12:00pm-6:00pm. The goal of the event is to increase awareness of the Conduction Education programs at The Movement Centre of Manitoba and hopefully raise $150,000 for the Centre in the process.

The Movement Centre of Manitoba is a non-profit organization established in 1997 to meet the needs of Manitobans with movement disabilities. They are a rehabilitative organization working with children and adults with mobility challenges including cerebral palsy, head injury, stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease.

To register for this one-of-a-kind event or to make a donation, we invite you to visit www.movengrooveathon.com

By World of Water Team

The Drinking Water Spectrum

26 - Nov2013

Clean and treated water is usually clear. While color does not always mean water is unsafe, it can sometimes indicate a problem. Here’s a quick look at the spectrum of tinted water and the responsible contaminants.

Red or Brown can mean iron or manganese has found its way into the water distribution system. In Winnipeg people with brown water coming from their taps complained of stained sinks and discolored laundry. According to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, no evidence exists of dietary iron toxicity in the general population.

Yellow is more common to surface water and shallow wells, particularly where water has passed through marshlands and moved through peat soils

Blue or green water can indicate the presence of copper, and it too can stain fixtures and laundry. The guidelines say plumbing should be thoroughly flushed before water is used for consumption.

Cloudy white water is usually caused by turbidity, or finely divided inorganic or organic particles. Increases in distribution system turbidity can be indicative of deteriorating water quality and should be investigated

By World of Water Team

New Owner at 1783 Plessis Rd.

14 - Nov2013

We would like to proudly introduce the newest member of the World of Water family and new owner of the 1783 Plessis Rd. location, Chris Laing.

We are all very excited to have Chris join our team and expect nothing but great things from him as he enters this new and exciting chapter of his life. Chris brings many years of Operations and Management skills to our organization and is highly motivated to succeed and maintain the high level of professionalism, quality control and outstanding customer service that our loyal customers expect and deserve.

Chris is very eager to get down to work and begin forming solid relationships with our customers, we invite you to visit our Plessis location and introduce yourself to Chris.

Congratulations Chris, and welcome to the team!

By World of Water Team

Winnipeg 10 and 10 Event

13 - Aug2013

World of Water is proud to be the official water supplier of the Winnipeg 10 and 10 event presented by Investors Group. This amazing event will take place on September 8, 2013 at Memorial Park located on the corner of Broadway and Osborne in Winnipeg. For more information regarding the Winnipeg 10 and 10 event please click on the Link.


On behalf of all the staff at World of Water we would like to wish the participants good luck and a successful race day.

By World of Water Team

Commit to Get Fit Run

17 - Apr2013

The 10th Annual 'Commit to get Fit' run will take place on June 9, 2013 and World of Water is proud to be a sponsor of this great event.

The World of Water located at 2230 McPhillips St will donate over 50 gallons of DewDrop Distilled water for the participants of the run as well as water for the volunteers.

The 'Commit to get fit' run is a way to get together with our community to raise funds and awareness-not for a single cure-but for the prevention of illness and disability by encouraging everyone to be active... to commit to get fit.

For Sponsorship opportunities contact Karin Whalen by phone at 204-632-3912 or by email at kwhalen@sogh.mb.ca. For registration details, call the Wellness Institute at 204-632-3900.

By World of Water Team

Employee Profile - Mac Taruc

07 - Mar2013

World of Water prides itself in providing exceptional customer service to anyone that enters one of our 14 World of Water locations, this would not be even remotely possible if it wasn't for the outstanding employees, store managers and Franchisees that are part of the World of Water family. We want to recognize the actions of our staff and provide you, our loyal customers, with a snap-shot of the amazing people who make your WOW experience possible.

Mac Taruc, (Store Manager) World of Water-1747 Pembina Hwy.

How long have you been employed at World of Water?
"I was hired in September 2005 by Cathy, Bob and Jason Stewart (owners of the Dakota, Pembina and St.Annes locations) and began learning about the water industry at the 845 Dakota Ave location; in 2007 I took over the management position at the 1747 Pembina Hwy location".

What are some of your responsibilities?
"I work independently ensuring all aspects of the business are well attended to and that our customers receive outstanding care"

What do you like best about working at World of Water?
"In all my working life, there hasn’t been an employer who I enjoy working for more than the Stewarts. That would definitely be what I like best about working for World of Water. I think what I like best about the company itself is our flagship product, DewDrop. Most people in the retail industry (at the retail level) take for granted what they are selling whether it’s a food product, a line of clothing, electronics, etc – they are there to do a job and in the end , all they care about is their pay-cheque every two weeks. I am fortunate enough to be able to genuinely stand behind DewDrop and not only sell it to customers but also tell them how I feel about it. The Stewarts have always let me know they appreciate my customer service and I’m grateful for that but I think my level of customer service stems from great leadership and belief in a great product…don’t get me wrong though, I still care about my pay-cheque every two weeks".

What has been your proudest moment or best memory since working at World of Water?
"I put great value in the idea of self-development and as it relates to World of Water, which would be from the hands-on aspects of the business such as interacting with customers, bottling water, managing accounts, etc. to the learning aspects of the business and how to become more productive and efficient. We are all human and so we all make mistakes from time to time and the important things is to apply what we learn so that we become better not only as employees but as people in general. In my case, I started out as a full-time employee at Dakota learning the basics of how things were run and eventually, the Stewarts had enough trust and confidence in me to have me run the Pembina location on my own and that, to me, speaks volumes. So what I am proud of can’t really be defined as a single moment as I am proudest of how I have evolved in this company over the years".

Can you provide our readers with your personal snap-shot, what are some of your interests and hobbies?
"I recently stepped back from one of my greatest passions, music. When I was 15, I started by playing in a jazz band and four years ago I became the vocal percussionist in an acappella group called ‘Those Guys' – I use my mouth and throat to create drum sounds. With my need to be accurate (actually sounding like drums), to controlling my breathing and speed, I always keep my mouth well lubricated with DewDrop. Actually our entire group had DewDrop water on stage while performing. I met my beautiful bride, Erin, through music. Erin is a very talented singer and actress and we were married on June 30, 2012".

On behalf of Head Office, we would like to thank Mac for his efforts and dedication towards our company over the past 8 years. Without great people like Mac in our organization it would be difficult to provide our customers with the knowledge and service that they deserve. Thanks again Mac and keep up the amazing work!

By World of Water Team

Winnipeg Fire Fighters Campout

07 - Mar2013

During March 12th-15th four Winnipeg fire fighters will brave the elements and will be camping on the roof of the Osborne Village Fire-Hall to raise money for local families dealing with neuromuscular disorders. World of Water Head Office is proud to donate water coolers and our DewDrop distilled water for the event.

This will mark the 4th year of the event; the Winnipeg Fire Fighter Campout is the main fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Please stop by the Osborne Village Fire-Hall and support this amazing event!

By World of Water Team
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